Рассеиватель 1850 PMMA 18509 SQ

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the manufacturer continues to develop products throughout their lifetime. therefore, the company reserves the right to modify materials, components, and technical parameters without notice. Рассеиватель: PMMA Рассеиватель: опаловый Цвет кольца: белый Варианты по запросу: DL 185 LED DL 155 LED Downlights Downlights Downlights Downlights Downlights. www.lenalighting.pl 109 057700 057717 057724 057731 057809 057816 057823 057830 SMD LED SMD LED SMD LED SMD LED SMD LED SMD LED SMD LED SMD LED 3000K 4000K 3000K 4000K.. LG Chemical IH830 PMMA, General Purpose Grade for Injection Molding Categories: Polymer ; Thermoplastic ; Acrylic ; Acrylic, General Purpose, Molded Material Notes: z Highest of all grades in heat resistance z Mechanical strength and surface hardness z.. Kern F-Qualität, flammhemmend, Farbe braun. Formate 2800 x 1300 mm 2800 x 1850 mm 4100 x 1300 mm 4100 x 1854 mm. Stärken 4 bis 13 mm. Ausführungen einseitig-dekorativ, beidseitig-dekorativ PMMA, General Purpose Grade for Injection Molding, High flowability grade Particularly recommended for complicated profiles or large and thin wall parts Features: Excellent transparency and elegance Weather resistance and chemical resistance PMMA is often used in various implants because of its compatibility with human tissue. Because of its transparency and bio-compatibility, PMMA is important in optometry for replacing the intraocular lens of cataract patient.

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LG Chemical IF850 PMMA, General Purpose Grade for.. Рассеиватель 1850 PMMA 18509 SQ

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